a quality work without compromise!

A quality service !

At Aluminium Walker we offer a renowned installation service. The installation, retrieve old material and the cleansing of the workspace are included in the basic services that we guarantee you. Furthermore, because we give a very big attention to your satisfaction, we do not hesitate to guarantee all our best work.

Take now advantage of our manufacturer price by choosing Aluminium Walker products and take also advantage of our unique service.

What we offer :

  • Manufacturer Price
  • Installation Service
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 5 year Warranty
  • Free estimate

Our work and our installations are guaranteed for 5 years

To satisfy all our customers, we do not hesitate to guarantee our products and our labour. Aluminium Walker offer you a 5 years guarantee for all our installation and our work.


All our fibreglass and aluminium products
installation are made by :

Construction Walker